EPO Consulting has offices in Vienna, Austria and Zilina, Slovakia

Continuous and fast changing market conditions force most enterprises to adjust their organisation and induce rationalisation in administration. The rapid development in the IT area and the integration of individual platforms became an important strategic asset. Reacting fast, recognising new potentials early and improving business processes is a key for staying competitive.


EPO Consulting is committed to deliver competent, efficient and result-concentrated consulting for all companies. Process improvements in some way must be always the result. In the past years we have developed our own products, which application can result in enormous process improvements. The philosophy behind them is to eliminate the disadvantage of interfaces (technical and human-machine). With web services and SOA is the idea of how this can work, now generally available. Our products enable the practical implementation of these ideas without the risk of making a major investment at the wrong time in the wrong technology.


Furthermore, we allow and encourage the separation or unbundling of the presentation layer from the application layer and the database. RIA (rich internet applications), so applications that use the web browser for presentation, we see as an important and correct step for future applications. Simply to ease using software for all kind of users. Business departments and their employees must be able to concentrate more on their professional responsibilities and less on aquiring know-how for software applications.


Our primary objective is to improve the performance of our customers through improved electronic processes. We want our customers to develop organizational capacity, in line with our philosophy of "stand still and you are history."